Bubble Tones

Click or tap to create bubbles. The more bubbles the better. Six is the max.




Bubble Tones

How To Play

In Bubble Tones, sounds are made when a Bubble hits a wall or the larger bubbles (aka Roadblocks). To add a Bubble, just click or tap anywhere on the screen. You can add up to six Bubbles at a time.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Q: Add a Bubble
P: Remove a Bubble
Spacebar: Play/Pause Bubble Tones

About Bubble Tones

Bubble Tones is a generative sound tool that produces a unique musical creation with each use.

The tones that play when Bubbles collide with the wall are selected from the root tone’s major and minor scales. The selection of the scale and tone has some randomness built in, which is intended to create even more unexpected variety in each composition.

Bubble Tones was created by Chris Schnaars. Please get in touch with any questions, problems, or feedback. You can find more info on Bubble Tones at Github and more generative sound tools here.